You have to answer 1 short answer ( 1 paragraph; cite) and 1 essay (standard 5 paragraph; cite; course sources only.Please answer ONLY 1 short answers and ONLY 1 EssayBe sure to upload your answers as

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You have to answer 1 short answer ( 1 paragraph; cite) and 1 essay (standard 5 paragraph; cite; course sources only.Please answer ONLY 1 short answers and ONLY 1 EssayBe sure to upload your answers as a ONE word document to blackboard’s assignment link by the due time.  There will be no exceptions, extensions or acceptance if not uploaded to blackboard’s safeassign. When answering, do not include the questions.  Simply label the answers. Short answer is worth 20 pointsEssay is worth 90 pointsRemaining 10 points are for citing ( no outside sources allowed) and clarity in writing and structure.-You may access this exam as many times as you like up until the exam expiration (due date/time).-You are to use authorized sources (our course materials) when answering the questions.  This will include an in-text citation at the end of the sentence whether it’s a direct quote or paraphrase that will look something like, “(Crain, p. 10).”  -All of your work will be checked via SAFEASSIGN for a plagiarism check. DO NOT type the answer into the COMMENT box. Anything over 50% match will not be counted/graded.  I mentioned this is a social science course therefore matches will be inevitable and citing of sources is crucial. Anything above a 20% will be checked further by me.-Lastly, if there are any question they should be addressed directly via email at

[email protected]

Please allow a minimum of 24 hour turn-around time to reply.  Closer to the due date/time, chances of a prompt response decrease. -Be sure to upload exam answers to blackboard.  Goodluck.Prof Cuellar  ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`When uploading your answer make sure to: 1-Do not upload a file that is not one of these: doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf.  I will not be able to open files that are in the Apple program PAGES or links from clouds or links to google docs.2-You must upload a FILE.  Do not type in the answers in the comment box of the assignment on blackboard.3-DO NOT INCLUDE the question in your answer, as that adds to the plagiarism report. Simply label your answer and provide your responses in ONE document.““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““ Short AnswerQuestion A—20 points(250 words max):   When trying to understanding sex and gender, the textbook mentions a few ways (theories) in which to understand how this element develops within the child.  Identify one of the perspectives and explain how using that frame of reference, sex/gender is thus developed in the child.  Be sure to cite appropriately.  Essays Essay A:  respond using between 500-700 words: Suppose you have been given the opportunity to design the “ideal school.” Select three important elements you would include in your plan to maximize the academic achievement and social development of the children who will attend. Explain why you made the choices you did. Be sure to reference specific theorists’ approaches when justifying why you would implement a specific policy for your school. (Locke, Rousseau, Piaget, Vygotsky, Bronfenbrenner, Burton & Clark, McLoyd, etc…) Remember that in a school there are bound to be clicks, different levels of learning, income backgrounds, ethnic/racial diversity, rural/urban settings, gender issue, …etc.  Your job is to tell me how you will handle these situations via some of the theories we have discussed throughout the semester. Respond using between 500-600 words.

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