WU Value Creation Through Diversification Annotated Bibliography

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Create an annotated bibliography focusing on models used by companies to leverage diversification. These models also can serve to construct a portfolio management tool that characterizes business unit strategy and measures company results. These results are a valuable tool for evaluating how a corporate strategy differs from a business-unit-level strategy. 

Select four peer-reviewed scholarly articles, with each article addressing a topic of interest for research. For more information, refer to the Walden Writing Center’s annotated bibliography sample document provided in this week’s Required Readings. Submit an annotated bibliography for the four new (not used in previous discussions or assignments) peer-reviewed resources you selected. In your annotated bibliography, include the following:

A bibliographic reference including the author, title, publisher, and place of publication  

A summary of the document, including the main points, its purpose, the theoretical perspective on which it is based, and the scope

For each article, evaluate the following: 

Reliability (research methods used, theories used, and data on which it is based)

Appropriateness for the intended audience

Background and authority of the author

Limitations of the research (which can depend on the scope, reliability, age of the document, and bias)

Significance of the research

Required Readings

  • Dyer, J., Godfrey, P., Jensen, R., & Bryce, D. (2020). Strategic management: Concepts and cases (3rd ed.).John Wiley & Sons.
  • Chapter 6: “Corporate Strategy” (pp. 98-116)
  • Cretu, R. F. (2012). Corporate governance and corporate diversification strategies.Links to an external site. Review of International Comparative Management / Revista de Management Comparat International, 13(4), 621–633.
  • Yigit, I., & Behram, N. K. (2013). The relationship between diversification strategy and organizational performance in developed and emerging economy contexts: Evidence from Turkey and Netherlands.Links to an external site. Eurasian Business Review, 3(2), 121– 136. doi:10.14208/ebr.2013.03.02.001

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