Written Assignment- Structural Categories of Bacteria and Their Shapes, science homework help

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Even though it is unlikely that a medical assistant will have to
interpret the results of a gram stain, it is important to know what the
different types, shapes, and colors of bacteria are and what it means
when they are reported out.

  1. When bacteria are present in the blood, they are identified by their
    shapes. The three main shapes for the structural categories of bacteria
    listed below:

    • Cocci
    • Bacilli
    • Spirilla
  1. Research the three structural categories of bacteria and give an
    example of a disease that could be diagnosed if they were identified
    during microscopic examination.

Please read the following scenario:

An 86 year old patient presented to the ER with severe body
shivers/chills. Her initial blood results are normal including her CBC.
The physician orders blood cultures and the patient is admitted for
observation. After 24 hours the patient is told that the initial blood
culture shows gram positive and gram negative rods in her blood stream.
It will take another 24 hours for the test to show exactly what type
(species) of bacteria is in her system. The following day, the
infectious disease doctor walks into the patient’s room and tells her
that she has MRSA and will have to be on antibiotics for 4 weeks.

  1. If the patient had gram positive and gram negative rods in her
    blood stream, should the diagnosis of MRSA be questioned, why or why

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