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Week 2 discussion 2

The budgeting process
in law enforcement

Instructor wrote: You’ve provided a good overall view of budgeting in general, and how
these elements can play a role in budgeting.  The intent of the question,
though, was to look at a specific budgeting process currently in use in law
enforcement.  You touched upon Madison, but didn’t dig in too deeply.
 Can you find the other elements from the question in the Madison budget?
 Some other budgets can be located online, or in the course materials.
 Otherwise, some good comments.  

Below Is what I wrote about the Madison budget,

Every law enforcement agency, or group has to
make sure they account for future or present costs. No two agencies are the
same. The most popular budget is the line item. There are many budgets such as
Zero baaed, and Performance. It is the controlling authority that has the final
say to a budget. Each agency covers the internal part of a budget different. In
the city of Madison, Wisconsin found that out. The year 2005 they had over
expended their “operating budget by about one million dollars” (Stuart, n.d.,
p.1). This was explained as routine by the mayor’s spokes person. There are
those agencies that have to abide and live within an amount approved by the
controlling authority. A sound budget preparation would be necessary.


Stuart, R. D. (n.d.). PDF] Budgeting Basics
for Law Enforcement – Institute … Retrieved from


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