Write Your paper is required to have an introduction paragraph that will include a thesis sentence and a conclusion paragraph that helps provide closure. Additionally, your body paragraphs will be exp

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Your paper is required to have an introduction paragraph that will include a thesis sentence and a conclusion paragraph that helps provide closure. Additionally, your body paragraphs will be expected to address the following ideas:

  • Describe your personal ethos.

    • Use your Week 2 Personal-Professional Narrative Essay as a guide.
  • Survey the development of your writing skills over the last five weeks.

    • Refer to your discussion board work, as well as any assessments you made in your Week 3 paper.
    • Be sure to describe how your writing skills stand now, listing particular strengths as well as challenges you still face.
  • Investigate how the personal ethos you articulated in the Week 2 paper helped you develop in this class.

    • Reference specific traits or qualities that fueled specific growth opportunities.
  • Discuss your plan for meeting the challenge of developing your writing skills to be better prepared for applications in your field.

    • Reference your research from the Week 3 assignment paper about what types of writing you may be asked to do in the future.
  • Produce a clear vision of where you will be in five years and how your experience and skills have shaped that development.
  • Refer to your unique experiences and specific skills to help chart this path forward.

The Future Opportunities Essay,

  • Must be five to seven pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style (Links to an external site.) as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA Formatting for Microsoft Word (Links to an external site.)
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:

    • Title of paper in bold font

      • Space should appear between the title and the rest of the information on the title page.
    • Student’s name
    • Name of institution (University of Arizona Global Campus)
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Due date
  • Must utilize academic voice. See the Academic Voice (Links to an external site.) resource for additional guidance.
  • Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.
  • Must use at least three credible sources in addition to the course text.
  • Must document any information used from sources in APA Style
  • Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA Style

Write Your paper is required to have an introduction paragraph that will include a thesis sentence and a conclusion paragraph that helps provide closure. Additionally, your body paragraphs will be exp
Human Resources Management Name University Course Prof Date It was my first day on the job as a Drill Sergeant and all I can remember was that it was the end of October heading into the colder season. I stare across the formation, centered in front of the platoon and all I could see were the letters A R M Y printed across each trainee uniform. They didn’t have a clue of who I was and I didn’t have a clue of the 40 souls standing in front of me. All they knew was that I was a green suiter with a green Australian bush hat that was ready to turn them into Soldiers. All I knew was that I was in charge of these civilians and had to put a lot of hard work and dedication to turn them into the Army’s next future leaders. This is when I realized learning how to be in charge and taking care of subordinates would help me pursue my career path in Human Resources Management. The majority of my time in the Army, I spent as a Human Resources (HR) Specialist. I have worked hard to learn as much as I can and gain as much knowledge within my career field so that I can provide the best support to those who are on the front line. I’ve always put myself in other people’s shoes to understand their situations so that I can deliver them the best customer service. My biggest passion is always looking for things to make me and my team better HR professionals. I believe that learning never stops because you can always improve at what you do. During my tenure within the Army, I was obligated to do two years outside of my profession to work on career progression and essentially get promoted within time. That’s when I decided to volunteer for Drill Sergeant Duty and to this day it was the best decision I had made within my career. The hours of a Drill Sergeant were from 0500 to around or about 2100 every day, but within that time, I had learned skills such as mentoring, time management, instructing, organization, and my favorite leadership. I was able to turn civilians into Soldiers within nine weeks and it was bittersweet. After nine weeks of training, eight training cycles, the job as a Drill Sergeant had become easier and easier. I learned how to be quick on my feet when situations were to arise. Problem-solving was my favorite thing to do when someone came to me with an issue. I became more confident in front of any audience. I was able to manage to give a class, work on physical fitness, and train all while the trainees were able to conduct personal time throughout the day. It was all about time management. I was on go, go, go, and it kept me going, even on the days I was exhausted, only because I knew the outcome was the Army’s next best Soldier. As my time came to an end as a Drill Sergeant, I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed my time the past two years. I was ready to take my bush hat off and head to the next assignment, as an HR Specialist. Little did I know, I had gained so much knowledge and was ready to take my skills elsewhere. I shortly then became in charge of an admin office and I was briefed that before my arrival, there was nobody in charge and minimal manning. The organization was demotivated and I felt the stress in the office. As soon as I stepped foot in the office, I had hit the ground running. My goal was to put a system in place and bring the organization back to life, especially my subordinates. I was no longer working the long hours anymore, it was your normal 0900 to 1700. The challenge had then become learning how to balance. I had a goal in mind for my office, which I was bringing work home and forgetting that I had goals to accomplish outside of the military. I had to regain control of my time management skill and learn to put a system in place for my personal, military, and academic goals. The biggest battle was learning that time is precious and you will never get it back. What you do with your time and how serious you are about your goals is your outcome in the end. A few months went by and I had started to see an improvement in my office. It no longer took 30 minutes to provide customer service, it was speedy customer service. My subordinates were eager to learn because they understood the importance of knowledge within our job. The higher echelons started to see the progression above. It was a feeling of accomplishment, but I knew that it didn’t stop there and that there are more ways to improve. As an HR Manager, you juggle between, customer service, problem-solving within the organization, advising employers of policies, performing tasks, and handling your employees and their benefits and compensation. You must have the knowledge and management skills to be able to deal with such tasks (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020). The individual needs to be developed to be successful as an HR Manager because a strong manager only represents a strong organization and its employees. I believe that my experiences will bring out the best HR Manager in me for my future organization and employees. References U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020). Human Resources Manager. https://writingcenter.uagc.edu/format-your-reference-list
Write Your paper is required to have an introduction paragraph that will include a thesis sentence and a conclusion paragraph that helps provide closure. Additionally, your body paragraphs will be exp
Human Resources Management Name University Course Prof Date As a Human Resource Manager, you are required to develop policies to keep your organization informed of the procedures and regulations. A Human Resource Manager plays a huge role in improving the organization. It is important to develop the organization by conducting counseling for the employees within the company (Human Resource, 2020). This is why it is crucial to understand that written communication is a skill you must have within this field. With the experience that I have as a Human Resource Professional within the Army, I believe my writing skills have improved over time. We are required to write memorandums, create policies, and counsel our subordinates monthly. I have learned how to push information out to my organization and effectively get my point across to any specific audience. The rule I go by is “Did I explain the who, what, where, and why?”. My biggest strength is proofreading my work to make sure that I’m clear and concise in getting my point across. Policy letters are important as a Human Resource Manager. These are essential when it comes to procedures and organization. In my current job, there are certain awards, actions, and pay inquiries that need to be processed a certain way promptly. Having effective policy letters helps the Soldiers understand how and when to submit these actions. Policy letters are usually reviewed and signed by the immediate commander. The intent of Policy letters is to understand procedures, keep organized, and that the customer is clear on the action process. Bi-weekly as a Human Resource professional, we are required to brief what is currently hot to the command team on PowerPoint presentations. Reports are used to provide what is upcoming within our section and anything that is delinquent. The importance of providing the correct information is to be able to relay to the command team, so they can help mitigate any issues that we are unable to handle at our level. Even though PowerPoint presentations only provide little information, it’s crucial to understand how to input information that you want to get across to the command team and the Soldiers. Counseling your subordinates is what helps develop and improve your organization. In my current career field, it is important to have initial counseling with my Soldiers. I have to identify what their role and responsibilities are, the procedures within the organization, what the expectations are, and the rules to abide by. If that is not effectively written, the issue you will come across is that they did not understand the information that you had given them. You must be clear and concise, that way they have something to refer back to when it comes to working procedures. As a Human Resource professional, memorandums are written when it comes to an issue at hand. For example, a letter of lateness is what is used to explain why a personnel action was late. There is no reason why an action should be late due to policies in place, as mentioned. Within this memorandum, it must be written as to what was the reason for the unpunctuality. If it is not clearly explained within the memorandum, the action will be processed normally, without urgency. My biggest challenge is trying to figure out how to push information without confusing the audience. I have learned that if you over-explain you can easily make people question the intent behind the information you are trying to push out. This also can happen if you don’t provide enough information to your audience. Combining good writing skills and communication, your audience will be able to understand. This makes the job of a Human Resource Specialist easier because you have placed rules and regulations for your customers to follow. My plan for developing my writing skills is to not only do research on what I want to write about but also understand my audience by considering them in the information I put out. I believe that if you study your audience you can write in a manner to where they understand where you are coming from. The audience is the most important part when it comes to written communication. Some audiences are younger, older, males, females, and come from different parts of the world, and when you consider them in your writing it keeps the reader engaged. In their head, they want to know if what you are writing about is beneficial to them. References Heathfield, S.H. (2020). HR Manager Overall Job Responsibilities. Human Resources. https://www.thebalancecareers.com/sample-human-resources-manager-job-description-1919125


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