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Pick a Stock Mutual Fund of your choice. Visit the web site and learn about your chosen stock fund whatever you want to learn. Write a report, a page or so, explaining the main features of the fund. Your report should be brief but comprehensive.

An individual, may be your roommate, should be able to develop a good understanding of your chosen mutual fund, who might not have heard the term mutual fund before in his (her) life! Focus on your mutual fund and do not explain the definition or operations of mutual funds in general.

You are free to include in your report whatever you may wish related to your chosen mutual fund. But two items are required: “Objectives” of the fund and the “Performance” of the fund. Funds use different terms for “performance” such as “returns”, “past returns”,” statistics” to present returns information (average annual compounded returns) for 1, 3, 5, 10 years (including since inception).

Do you need help to find a mutual fund! If so, here are some website

Alternatively, look at the Wall Street journal and you will find many mutual fund ads.

In your write out do not give the general description of a mutual fund, rather focus on only your selected fund.


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