Write a comment on other’s film description

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120 words comment for each people’s film description.

First one:

The subject who lives next door would help you in developing a film. Once you dig deeper into the subject you are filming, a different perspective occurs along with the development of the film. Sharon Wong who’s my roommate at the same time is the person who appears on the screen, by setting the camera in front of her, a different person presented to me which is a surprise to me.

In this film, I mainly focus on who she is in the current quarantine situation, and what might affect her during the situation. How well she can handle the situation, while doing the film, some of her actions appear as accident and that accident added an interesting layer to the film. The subject is not totally under control by me which is what I wanted this film to be like. How I give a direction and let her be the one guide the way.

There will be two parts of the film, the first part is filmed while we are still living together. And the second part will be after she is home with her family. Having two different environments will also show a different perspective of the subject and showing how she would handle the situation differently under other circumstances. At the same time, there will be some random clips on how personally I know her by giving some of her story other than the quarantine situation, by having these clips will add more variation to the film.

Second one:

My good friend Sean and I have co-hosted a radio show five times over the course of three years at WHRW, Binghamton University’s student radio station. Whether we would play a cover song from the world’s most obscure artist or just talk live on air about horrible movie sequel titles, it was a time where we were able to just be and express ourselves.

As we were in our final semester as undergrads, we wanted to go out with a bang for our last semesterly show. More obscure, musical nonsense, more meaningless banter, more everything. But of course a global pandemic had to ruin everything.

With one of our favorite activities stripped away from us before we had a chance to bid it farewell, all we are left to do is remember and reflect. Sick of being trapped inside together, we ventured into our University’s Nature Preserve to capture Sean doing just that – remembering his time at the station and as an undergrad, as well as reflecting on what is happening now, both with the world and himself personally.

In between those moments are clips inside the radio station that I managed to record before the world was ruined. Here we get to see how being a member of the station is just another medium for Sean to express who he is, as his on-air and off-air personas are not too different from each other. Although we did not get to say a proper goodbye to something we both truly cherished, Sean carries on and tries to look at the more positive things we have left.

And I have one example of how the comment should be like:

Overall I thought your descriptions were good! I just have a few thoughts about the longer one, the first being that I think you should omit the parts that include your own opinion. For example, take out sayings like “it was interesting to me” and “it was a surprise to me” — they do not really add much. The description should tell us what your film is about and should not include too much personal reflection. Maybe using something like that once is fine. Second, I don’t think describing the clips that show your relationship with her as “random” does any favors; you included them for a reason, so they are not random. Finally, and most importantly, it seems like you are trying to justify certain choices you make in your film via the description. You can tell us some aspects of the film were accidental, but you don’t really have to tell us that’s what you wanted it to be like. Again, including your own opinion also contributes to the notion that you are defending your artistic choices — instead of telling us why you thought certain parts were interesting, tell us why those parts might interest us. Or don’t say things like that at all; maybe just let the film speak for itself!


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