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   I have attached 6 questions, please check for plagiarism. 


   Please deliver on time. 


  This is due 11-26-14 at 1pm Eastern Time



Effects of Disease on the Health Care Industry: Respiratory Health

Complete the table below for 2 diseases that you have chosen that affects respiratory health. In each box, you are required to list 3-5 bulleted statements regarding the heading of that box.

Cite your sources using APA format.

Chosen Respiratory Disease or Disorder

Treatment Modalities

Cultural Beliefs/Practices Affecting this Disease

Epidemiological Statistics

Available Consumer Resources

(ex. financing, information, support)

Impact on Society

List chosen disease here







List chosen disease here









Consider a common practice that has roots in a certain culture and may be considered hazardous by today’s industry professionals, such as smoking hookah. How do culture, spiritual beliefs, and customs related to health beliefs foster or prevent diseases and their treatment? (Give two answers, your opinion and use other source)

2a. Your opinion:

2b. Other source:

QUESTION 3 (150-200 WORDS)

What respiratory diseases are of concern for the elderly and infants and why? (Give two answers, your opinion and use other source)

3a. Your opinion:

3b. Other source:

QUESTION 4 (150-200 WORDS)

Explain and discuss Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. (What effect it has on the society? Any treatment modality)


4b. (What do you think about this disease?)

QUESTION 5 (150-200 WORDS)

What do you think about Asthma in Children? How does Asthma do to children?

QUESTION 6 (150-200 WORDS)

How does our society view smoking and how have our views changed over the years? Discuss the ethical concerns related to smoking and second hand smoke. Support your view with specific examples or references.

6a. Your view

6b. Other sources/ reference


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