Why we crave horror movies

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First post Directions:

1. Read “Why We Crave Horror Movies”, “Monstrous Beginnings”, “My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern …”, & “Fear of the Monster is Really a Kind of Desire” in Monsters: A Bedford Spotlight Reader

2. Pick one “Reflection & Response” Question or “Making Connections” Question after ONE of the articles and write a 200+ word response or if you do not have a book, compare and contrast two of the articles.

3. Please make sure your response takes an argument stance, use 3rd person, and incorporates at least one quote with proper MLA citation and Works Cited.

Second post Directions:

1. Brainstorm an answer to this question: “Is it ever ok to kill a child? Why/why not?”

2. Watch:

3. Answer one following questions in a 100-200 word short answer

  • What would you do in this situation? Why?
  • —Would this be considered murder? Why/Why not?
  • Who is the monster in this scene? Why?

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