Why Use Switched Ethernet LANs, communications homework help

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You have learned the principles and concepts in the first four modules that can be applied to different types of networks and the standards that drive them; now, it’s time to apply that knowledge.

Ethernet switches today are proprietary for the manufacturer (i.e., Cisco, Brocade, Netgear, etc.) and are referred to as “closed-code” Ethernet switches because the switch vendors (operating systems) and network management software must align. You’ll explore the continuing efforts for network virtualization by exploring the promising new developments in Ethernet switching called Open Ethernet, and how the network infrastructure can be used as a competitive business advantage through its use.

Respond to the following:

• Please read the article, Tackling Data Center Challenges with Open Ethernet. Located at http://www.networkcomputing.com/data-centers/tackl…
• What networking challenges does for the Open Ethernet address and how does it improve them?
• What would be some of the future business demands on data networks that Open Ethernet would satisfy?


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