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What’s Wrong with Dying? Please comment about this video, Not need to write reference just 1 paragraphs 250_300 words

And also please comment about these comments: short answers

comment 1_Good relationship keep us happy and healthy. This is the main idea according to the research on the on the facts that make a better life, I totally agree with Robert Waldinger. Researchers from Harvar University analyzed the data of 724 people for 75 years, dividing them into two groups, some poor and others with better income who finished their university studies. Year after year they asked about their work, their family life and their health. The results showed that people who are socially more connected with family, friends and community are happier, have better health and life longer than those who live in solitude regardless of their socioeconomic status. It is not only about being surrounded by many people, but having an adequate relationship with them. Also in the study it was shown that a good relationship where you can count on the other person not only protects physically, also mentally since, the memory remains intact for longer. In conclusion the good life is built with good relations.

comment 2_ As a parent in a changing world, I’ve come to notice something–many things, in fact. The problems my son’s generation is preparing to face are very different from the problem my generation was trained for. The world now is such a different place than it was in my youth, in fact, I could hardly recognize it. The problems they will soon be tasked with are anything but easy, and a great burden will be placed on their shoulders as they mature. Sadly, there will soon be no time for rest or insecurity. Every moment is more precious now than ever before. There are questions unanswered that didn’t exist before. There are problems the world never once imagined, yet they stand very real in the not so distant future and stare our children down. Some are far closer than we as a society would like to imagine. Still, the undeniable truth stands: the world is changing more and more every day. What it needs now is work that matters and, more importantly, a generation with the drive and the heart to do it.


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