What is wrong with the American Political System, political science homework help

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4 page journal (attached is a sample of citation style) and the source to cite and chapters will be attached after bid (3 short chapters)

1. Chapters 1-3 in the Reader discuss the issue of congressional approval–usually better labeled congressional disapproval. What reasons do the different authors give for the often very low ratings that the institution of Congress receives in public opinion polls? Is Congress itself to blame, the larger political context, or the American people themselves (and their unrealistic expectations)? Or some combination of these three?

2. The articles posted on Blackboard (under “Readings”) on proportional representation (PR) explain a prominent alternative for electing members of a legislature. We use “single-member” districts, whereas PR uses multi-member districts. Explain how PR works—what do the districts look like and how are members elected? How do the results of these elections differ from ours? In other words, what are the benefits—and drawbacks—of this system? Would it work in the U.S.?

3. After studying Congress now for a summer session, it is appropriate to evaluate this institution. Explain and develop three (3) positive attributes of Congress. What things does it do well and how does it contribute to the enrichment of our political system? Alternatively, list three (3) negative or problematic qualities of the modern Congress. What does it do poorly and what are its deficiencies? What reforms might be undertaken, if any?


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