What is feminism What are the different waves of feminism Describe in your own words Women s Studies final

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Need assistance with women’s studies final questions below response must be 300 words or more:

  1. What is feminism? What are the different “waves” of feminism? Describe in your own words.
  2. Explain the difference between sex and gender, focusing on social construction, and providing three examples.
  3. Describe how women of color have benefited or suffered as a result of the feminist movement. Give two examples.
  4. In your own words, describe intersectionality. Provide three examples.
  5. Using a feminist analysis, explain how women are positioned in society, providing two examples.
  6. Describe global issues affecting women, and provide two examples.
  7. Explain the context of violence against women, focusing on the social and cultural constructions of the value and role of women in society.
  8. Describe three current social issues that feminists must focus on to continue to strive toward gender equality.
  9. Using a feminist analysis, what are three issues that young women and girls face today?
  10. Can men be part of the feminist movement? Explain why or why not.



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