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  • -I collect most of the staff to make a speech. but all of its plagirirsim . may be it will not shown in the website but all the assigments I post them in the blackboard. so my professor will know about it.
  • -I want to rewrite it and make it a well organize speech and avoid plagiarism
  • -(ableism, religion opperession, international students issue) I did not cover them. I need a help to cover them.
  • -Mostly I add course book but I did not use a journal.
  • -I want to add material from (peer reviewed journals).
  • -I include many topics at the end I want to talk about intercestionality between them.
  • -the assigments should around 15 – 20 pages.
  • -this is the question.

Q- You are invited back to your alma mater to deliver the 2018 Commencement Speech. Please write your Commencement speech addressing the hot topics facing college students today. Use what you have learned in your core courses in the Master’s program (Student Development Theory, Contemporary College Students, Student Affairs Administration, Counseling Skills in Student Affairs, Legal Issues in Higher Education, History of Higher Education, and Governance in Higher Education) to address your topics and to support your response. Provide vivid, applicable examples and support from the literature (both coursework material and peer reviewed journals__


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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper