week one asignments

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Assignment: Short Story Element Constructed Response

Choose one of the short stories you read in this course (see Tutorials and/or Announcements section for a page by page reference guide on where stories can be located). Consider the elements of a short story you learned about in unit 1 (plot, climax, resolution, conflict, characterization, setting, mood).

Please respond to the following questions in two separate paragraphs of 4-8 sentences each:

(1) What is the author’s purpose and theme? (Theme= what the author is trying to tell you about people or about life) Be sure to support with short quotes from the text in support of your points. (Be sure your quotes are in quotation marks.)

(2) What main story elements (plot, climax, resolution, conflict, characterization, setting, mood) does the author use to achieve the purpose and theme?

short story – Ernest Hemingway Old Man at the Bridge

Assignment: Speech Analysis

You will choose to view either a political speech or a televised editorial. The speech you choose should be from the past five years.

Then, craft a three paragraph response (3 – 4 sentences per paragraph) to explain:

(1) How the speaker appeals to the audience and the effect (Use the list of Types of Appeals below)

Types of Appeals :

A. compares one situation to another

B. cites the opinion of an expert

C. appeals to audiences emotions

D. cause and effect

(2) How the main points of the argument connect to your life.

(3) Please also include a conclusion paragraph that restates main ideas and wraps up your reflection.

You may also choose to craft a PowerPoint (or similar) presentation, but no matter the medium, be sure that you explain why the speech is effective and the main points and your connection to the speech.

speech is _ martin luther king ” i have a dream ”


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