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Workplace Violence: The legal cost can kill you. posted by

I found this article interesting because it is something I haven’t had to deal with or even witness on the job. The closest I have come to it is an employee that had made some violent remarks and was immediately terminated for the comments. The article states that “every week in America an average of 20 workers are murdered and 1,800 are assaulted while at work or on duty”(Philbrick,Sparks,Hass & Arsenault, 2004). When allegations of workplace disputes, arguments, and harassment are reported it is the responsibility of the company to do an investigation. The next step would be to evaluate the information that is found during the investigation and decide if it is creditable enough to take action. The authors believe that one way to combat workplace violence is the background check and applicant screening process (Philbrick,Sparks,Hass & Arsenault, 2004). These processes will give you an upfront view of any criminal activity in the employees background. In my opinion it is also important to do a behavioral assessment during the interview process.

We are currently retraining our managers to look form small behavioral cues when speaking with the candidate face to face. The training came about because we noticed that we hired a few candidates that HR did not take part in interviewing and they have not been the best fit. There has been no display of violence, but they are not good at working in certain team environments and have been wrote up for their behavior. Several employees in particular complained about one employees aggressive nature and outburst when he felt he was right and they were wrong. It was found that he is in a protected class and he told his manger in the beginning about his diagnosed social disorder. His manager has taken extra steps to work with him and he has been a model employee since. HR has kept detailed reports of all situations and incidents that have been considered a little verbally excessive. Workplace violence can be dangerous and companies should have a contingency plan in case a situation arise.

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