Web Site Adventure The Broadway League – co-sponsor of the Tony Awards, is the official website of the Broadway theater industry.The Guide to Musical Theater – offers a range of resources, including b

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Web Site Adventure

  • The Broadway League – co-sponsor of the Tony Awards, is the official website of the Broadway theater industry.
  • The Guide to Musical Theater – offers a range of resources, including brief synopses of most shows.

There are many live theater companies and venues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The following list includes some of the best, but almost every city and suburb has its own theater group. Check your local information about performances in your area. Attending a live dramatic production is an exciting experience―unlike anything else!

  • Theater Three – Dallas
  • Dallas Theater Center
  • AT&T Performing Arts Center – Dallas
  • Broadway Dallas – Dallas
  • Casa Manana – Fort Worth
  • Stage West – Fort Worth
  • Bass Hall – Fort Worth

several archetypal plot patterns that reflect commonalities of the human experience, including:

  • The sacrifice of an individual for the good of society
  • The search for personal identity or self-evaluation
  • The quest narrative, in which an individual seeks truth, self-fulfillment, or some object or idea which may help society
  • An older man was betrayed by a trusted younger man with regard to a woman
  • The loss of innocence (variation on the Garden of Eden theme)
  • Lovers who are not permitted to love


If these scenarios are truly archetypal, they should frequently appear in all narratives.

Your assignment for this journal is to select THREE of these six patterns above, then for each one, provide the following information:

  1. Name of the pattern selected (for example, “quest narrative”)
  2. Name of a play, book, movie, or television show that exemplifies this pattern
  3. Discuss the reasons why you believe the selected work illustrates this specific archetypal plot.

Your completed assignment will contain NINE elements: three archetypal patterns, three examples, and three reasons.

Remember, your participation and response should reflect your reading and understanding of the chapter and content for this specific session.

Section 2

After reviewing all the information on bioterrorism, how should we prepare for such events as Christians? What role should we play in the event of an attack? Are there things that churches could/should do to be prepared to care for the injured? The family of the recent Ebola victim is having difficulties in finding housing. Apartment owners suggest that other infected family members may visit, so they refuse to lease to these people. A local church is providing temporary housing. Journal your thoughts about this subject.


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