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There are numerous videos similar to this one available on the web and all of the videos are fun and interesting to watch. The first time I viewed one of these about 8 years ago I was stunned because I thought I was aware of most things but discovered I am not even close to knowing much less understanding what is happening out there (wherever out there is). Many of you may already have seen a version of it but watch it again. Do not be alarmed at all, these are merely facts (or as close as we come to facts in these times), some misleading and taken out of context but nonetheless interesting to know. This is probably NOT a good predictor at all of what the future will be but still makes for great discussion regarding some of the issues causing change.

I use a video like this one to get things going in the class. I am hoping that everyone will find several areas in the video they want to share and discuss on this board. You can also do some more research and offer up more topics for discussions (share other videos on similar topics with the class, articles, etc.). This initial discussion board sets the tone for how this class will evolve over the semester. Participate often, treat the discussions as if you are all talking together in small groups face to face. We have a well-rounded group of students in this class so lets all get involved in the discussion boards and learn from each other as well as from the other sources used in this course.

Each post should more than 400 world

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