Walden University Social Science Essay

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Title; Relationship
between mental health and youth homelessness.

research question; does the state of youth homelessness affects the mental welbeing of young people?

Use the above research topic and research question to answer the questions below

Submit the second part of your research proposal including the following sections in 2 to 3 pages:

  • Sampling and Sampling Method (1–2 paragraphs)
  • Data Collection (1 paragraph)
  • Ethics and Cultural Considerations (1–2 paragraphs)
    • What ethical and/or cultural issues need to be considered? How will you address those issues in your study?
  • Discussion (1 paragraph)
    • If you were to conduct the study, what would you expect the results to show? What would you do if the data didn’t align with your expectations?
  • Reflection (1 paragraph)
    • What did you learn about research through this process?

Make sure to include appropriate APA citations and a reference list.


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