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Produce the following project suitable for including in your future job portfolio. Design an organizational development/behavioral intervention plan for the company of your choice. Research the organization through multiple channels. For example, you may choose options like Internet research, consumer watchdog reports, personal experience, or conducting informal interviews. Then, draft a plan to change an aspect of the organization’s culture.

    • Begin with a short description of the organization and a summary of its organizational successes.
    • Describe the cultural elements that are targeted for change, and tell why.
    • Define organizational culture, and discuss how it applies to the proposed change.
    • Introduce their proposed intervention (it may be strategy, structural, training, or redesign).
    • Synthesize previous learning. Describe or discuss how least 3 models or theories apply.
    • Describe the expected outcome and follow-up plan.

Research is required for this assignment. All sources are to be referenced using APA standards.


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