analyzing and assessing concepts administrative law

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You work for a political science magazine, Government Today. The magazine reviews government policy. Your editor wants to explain to the public the judicial, legislative, and executive/presidential functions of an administrative agency—the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and assess the effectiveness of judicial review as a constraint on the powers of the agency. The editor feels the agency has been sharply criticized as of late and this report will provide a thorough exploration of the SEC and whether such criticism is warranted. Since Government Today is multimedia, you may set up the report in various formats, including a mix of blog posts, video blogs, short articles, or other approved formats. You may put some of the report in one format, i.e., part A in an article; and the rest in another i.e., blog posts.


The Report should contain:


1.          A brief history of the creation and purpose of the SEC.


2.          The specific powers of the SEC (executive, legislative, and judicial).


·           In addition to the specific powers of the SEC, include an overview of the SEC’s Office of International Affairs


3.          Executive, legislative and judicial constraints upon administrative agency powers of the SEC.


4.          An example of the SEC exercising its executive, legislative, or judicial powers that also underwent judicial review by the courts.


·           What factors were present to obtain judicial review of the SEC’s action or decision?


·           Evaluate how effective judicial review was in balancing the SEC’s powers and constraints.


5.          A conclusive analysis as to whether criticism of the SEC is warranted based upon your examination of the powers and constraints of the SEC. Include an analysis of any criticism of the SEC as a result of the global financial crisis of 2007–2008.


You may use supporting information from a variety of sources including the SEC’s website, news stories on the SEC and other sources that are appropriate (i.e., referencing an interview with a critic of the SEC).


The following Requirements are to help you evaluate whether you have met the goals of the Assignment. Take the time to review these Requirements both before and after you have completed the assignment. This will help you become familiar with your instructor’s expectations and provide you with direction in meeting the Assignment’s outcome.


Your Assignment should include:


·             Cover page


·           Provide your name, title of Assignment, course and unit number, and date


·             Body


·           Introductory Paragraph


·           History and Purpose of SEC


·           Powers of the SEC


·           Constrains of the SEC


·           Example of SEC in action


·           Conclusive Analysis


·             Reference list


·           Sources in APA format


·           You must use your text plus two additional sources


Assignment Guidelines


·             7–10 pages (including Cover and Reference pages)


·             Times New Roman 12 point font, Double-spaced


·             Written adhering to the guidelines of Standard American English. This means that your thoughts should be well-organized, logical, and unified as well as original with the viewpoint and purpose clearly established and sustained. Standard American English guidelines also include the use of correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Written in APA Formatting and Citation style

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