homework astronoy 2

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  1. Planetary differentiation_____.
    1. occurred very late in the formation process of the earth
    2. played no role in the structure of the earth
    3. explains why earth has a solid iron inner core
    4. explains why earth cuttently has a molten inner core
  2. what is the barycenter?
    1. the center of mass of the earth-moon system
    2. the center of mass of the sun
    3. the center of the earth
    4. a point halfway between the earth and the moon
  3. which planet is least likely to have surface water or surface water ice
    1. venus
    2. earth
    3. mercury
    4. mars
  4. earth’s magnetosphere_____.
    1. deflects laege meteoroids and asteroids
    2. creates the solar wind
    3. keeps the moon in synchronous orbit
    4. deflects the solar wind
  5. the primary reason earth’s surface has so few cracters compared to the oon is because____.
    1. the moon acquired a large majority of all the large space objects
    2. all asteroids and meteoroids were gone when the earth formed
    3. of planetary differentiation
    4. of plate tectonics on earth
  6. recession of the moon from the earth is caused by______.
    1. the decrease in the mass of the moon
    2. the decrease in the mass of the earth
    3. the decrease in the rotation rate of the earth
    4. the increase in the orbital speed of the moon caused by tides on earth
  7. the most heavily cractered planet in our solar system is ____
    1. earth
    2. mars
    3. mercury
    4. venus
  8. The terrestrial with the hottest overall surfave temperature is ____
    1. earth
    2. mars
    3. mercury
    4. venus

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