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To prepare yourself further for this assignment, examine an example of a research question turned into a successful hypothesis, and a research question, which does not lend itself so easily to becoming a hypothesis. Use the practice document in the initial discussion area in the classroom for this assignment.

Examine the six research questions below. Some lend themselves clearly to the development of a hypothesis, some not. Given the criteria listed in Chapter 7, evaluate which research questions clearly lend themselves to the formulation of hypotheses, i.e., which ones can be easily tested, and which ones are better left as research questions.

Research Question 1: Is it possible that the way parents feel about their work has something to do with whether their children are enrolled in an after-school program or not?

Research Question 2: Might cases of early childhood asthma have something to do with living in a big city where the air is more polluted than in the country?

Research Question 3: In a preschool environment, can one do something to help children be more empathetic towards other children?

Research Question 4: Has the way parents raise their toddler-aged children anything to do with how aggressive these toddlers are?

Research Question 5: When a young child learns two languages at the same time, does that create problems for learning any of the two languages well?

Research Question 6: Do mothers and fathers interact with infants in the same way?

Pick One research question from the list above that in your opinion lends itself to being stated as a hypothesis

A hypothesis developed from the research question you identified

One research question from the list above that in your opinion does not lend itself to being stated in the form of a hypothesis

A brief explanation why this research question does not lend itself clearly to being stated in the form of a hypothesis


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