Rituals for anthropology English homework help

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You need to post about a religious ritual. You can choose any ritual as long as it wasn’t covered in the modules or textbook or already posted by one of your classmates.

Include in your post:

  1. The name of the ritual
  2. What religious tradition the ritual it is associated with
  3. A brief description of the ritual
  4. How the ritual would be classified using all three types of classifications discussed in the modules/textbook
  5. How the ritual links to worldview, myth and/or symbols (make sure to clearly label whichever of these you include!)
  6. Make sure you cite your sources!


– Prescriptive and situational rituals

– Periodic and occasional rituals

– Classification of rituals

-Technological rituals

– Hunting and gathering rites of intensification

-Protective rituals

-Social rites of intensification

-Offerings and sacrifies

-Human Sacrifice

-Therapy rituals ad healing

– The navaho

– Anti-therapy rituals

-Salvation Rituals

-Revitalization rituals

-Rites of passage

-The structure of a rite of passage

– Coming of age rituals

-Transition and liminality

-Apache rite of passage

-U.S Secular rites of passage

– Alterations of the human body

-Tattooing and other permanent alterations

– Genital Cutting


-The Hajj

-The huichol pilgrimage

– Religious Obligations


-Mana and tabu in polynesia

– Jewish food laws

– Menstrual Tabus


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