history of the country since WWI history homework help

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the county which I was assigned Tanzania

For the body of the Journal entry write a paragraph which connects at least two of the findings in the INDEX with something you know about the history of the country since WWI. This is a journal entry that will be available to others in the class. When you create your entry title it with the name of the country you were assigned earlier in the semester. Then go to the Social Progress Index and open it. http://www.socialprogressimperative.org/global-index/

Click on By Country underneath the picture and scroll down to find your country. Then click and study the information that is there about your country.. There will be a summary of the data and then there will be details with each category broken down into subcategories.

There are 3 categories of data: Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Well Being, and Opportunity. Take a look at the subcategories in each of these and notice the items with red dots.

After you have looked at the detail, recall the history that you know of the country since World War I. You began with the assignment called Status 1919 where you began to look at the situation. You continued on with what happened to it in WWII and then whether there have been human rights violations. You know its memberships, and you have made connections with where it was controlled by other countries and/or how it was involved in the Cold War.

Write IN YOUR OWN WORDS the connections you see in the data that is listed in the Social Progress Index to the history of the country. There are many possible answers for each of you, but I am looking for a thoughtful, reasonable connection between history, political organization, economic choices, and current events. Yuu may use any two of the topics that are judged. You don’t have to use the low numbers; you can look at their successes.


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