statistical analysis report using excel data set grade of C or low B

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This is an entry level stats course an I am not doing well so it does not have to be in depth and am only expecting a low b or c no a. Using scenario 6 Applied psych) scented and unscented trails in the excel files provided create a statistical analysis report using excel data set given. Using a two sample t test, must include null and alternative null written out, must include the following

Data Analysis: Chance Factors Data Analysis: Mean and Standard Deviation

Data Analysis: Histogram(may need to attach separate excel file with histograms and other graphs).

Data Analysis: Shape Hypothesis: Whether One Mean is Higher

Hypothesis: Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis Results: Valid Results: Statistically Significant

Results: Graphs(may need to attach separate excel file with histograms and other graphs). Conclusion: Interpretation

Data Analysis

A. Identify the sample size and explain how it will inform your analysis. In other words, what is the sample size? How will the size of the sample inform your analysis?

B. Select what statistical procedures should be implemented in your analysis, and justify why you feel these are appropriate.

C. Explain how statistical procedures can help you determine whether the data is attributable to chance factors.

D. Compute the mean and the standard deviation for each set of data using appropriate abbreviations and terminology.

E. Prepare an appropriately labeled histogram for each set of data.

F. Evaluate the shape of each distribution using your created histograms. In other words, what does the shape of each distribution tell us about the data?

III. Hypothesis

A. Determine whether one mean is higher, showing how you made the determination.

B. Identify the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis using appropriate statistical symbols and language based on what you are comparing.

IV. Results

A. Based on your results, determine whether the data provide evidence for a valid effect.

B. Explain whether or not the results are statistically significant. Support your response with results from the data analysis.

C. Present properly labeled graphs representing the data analysis results detailed clearly for ease of stakeholder interpretation

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