Investigate the life history of a linguistically and ethnically culturally diverse adult history homework help

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Investigate the life history of a linguistically and ethnically/culturally diverse adult (18 or older and someone from a different ethnic group than your own) in terms of his or her school experiences and perspectives. I suggest a first paragraph giving some information about who you interviewed including some information about their ethnicity, education level and work experience of their family (don’t use their real name or any personal details that could identify that person), then the results of the interview in essay format (not in question & answer format) and a concluding paragraph on how a teacher might have helped this person or one like him or her when in school. Some questions that can be asked are: did the person experience racism/prejudice in or out of school? Did any of their teachers particularly stand out in their memory and why? Did the schools curriculum/textbooks reflect their cultural/ethnic background? Did they receive any multicultural education? Was their education more what Paulo Freire calls the “banking method” or was it more “transformational”?

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