compare the 2015 company financials to the industry averages and export the results into a microsoft 1

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I dont have time to focus on this assignment and would love assistance from an expert on this matter. Here is more detail about the assignment:

Compare the 2015 Company Financials to the Industry Averages and export the results into a Microsoft® Excel® document.

Add a new column in your Microsoft® Excel® document titled “Change” and calculate the difference between the company’s 2015 financial results and the industry averages.

Explain in 200 words how the company you selected compares to the industry averages in terms of financial profitability.

I have attached a copy of what needs to be done and shown within the excel with the example: Target Corporation. It can be viewed to help assist in the accuracy of the assignment. I also have attached all the necessary information about the company Microsoft Corporation Financials and the 2015 comparson to the industry average. I believe that using the ratios page in the second pdf for the Industry Average when compared to Microsoft would be best, as it is the same way in the Target Example. Please if you have any questions or hangups I am willing to provide any other necessary information, but i believe that everyting I have attached is all you will need.

Thank you very much in advance for you help and your time. It is truly appreciated.

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