global health 11

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This week, we are talking about social determinants of health and health inequities. Therefore, in your response to the week one RB, discuss the health issue presented by a peer and evaluate how the social determinants of health can expand the discussion based on the concepts discussed in chapters 2 and 3. Your discussion should focus on one of the two prompts below:

  1. The burden of that disease or health issue and trends in a specific country, or
  2. The role of education and socioeconomic status (as a social determinant of health) in the distribution and impact of that health issue.

For this assignment, you are expected to search your classmate’s topic and find at least one reference that you can incorporate into the discussion that supports your position and thesis statement. You are expected to write at least two paragraphs of content and provide at least one example that you found through your own independent research/web-searching. Remember to clearly define your terms and concepts from the course materials to receive maximum points.

Although your response can be shorter than the original post, remember to present a cohesive argument with a thesis statement, several supporting sentences with examples/data for the thesis, and a concluding sentence or remarks. You are required to cite at least one scholarly reference. You may use your textbook but not as the required source. Your scholarly source must be from a reliable, credible (or peer-reviewed) reference. For additional information about references, see the tutorials in the “What is a scholarly source?” under the Resource Guides from the main course menu.


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