COnsent and Research Identify the practice along with a companion theory health and medicine homework help

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COnsent and Research

The ultimate goal of the Session Long Project is to identify and evaluate the ethical principles used in resolving ethical dilemmas, and to apply the principles to specific ethical issues that may have professional, sociological, economic, and legal or political implications.

Select a national (government) healthcare agency and discuss the ethical practices that it applies to experimentation and research.

SLP Assignment Expectations

  1. Identify the practice along with a companion theory.
  2. Are these practices enough to ensure safe and ethical research? If not what should be added to them?
  3. Limit your responses to a maximum of three pages, not including title and reference pages.
  4. Be sure to provide scholarly support for your discussion.
  5. Several (3-5) scholarly references should be cited for this assignment. Be sure to properly cite all references.
  6. Apply critical thinking skills within the write-up for this assignment.

Your paper will be evaluated based on the rubric criteria.

Please be sure to provide citations of sources consulted in preparing your paper in the body of the actual document itself (i.e. in addition to furnishing a reference list). Remember, any statement that you make that is not common knowledge or that originates from your synthesis or interpretation of materials you have read must have a citation associated with it. For guidelines on in-text citations, visit the following web site:…

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