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I wrote this question to discuss and my friend answered it .I want you to reply on his answer .Also ,I attached the article in the file you can read it to understand everything.

1. What are the graduates’ opportunities after advancement in the communication skills course?

College Graduates Need to Consider Improving Communication Skill Set for Careers

Proficient communication skills will help college graduates land an interview and that first job in a new career. An ability to articulate what one knows and can do, whether in spoken or written form, will take a graduate though the application process. Competent problem solving skills and a passion for current information technology is a needed employable skill: but if a job candidate cannot communicate this across to the prospective employer it is essentially useless. Having the communication skill set to let your future employer know what you have already accomplished in the field and the unique skillset you will bring to their company; potentially will put a graduate at the top of the hire now pile. When a graduate is communicating their skill set; they should always as a rule inform the interviewer of their always willing to learn more attitude. Once you have the job and are proving your worth every day, don’t forget to speak up for career advancement opportunities; this is a communication skill also, because communication never stops after the initial engagement.

Fundamentally, adept communicators can impress examples of their ideas to others in ways that make sense and are easy to understand. One of the major reasons this skill set is desirable in the work place is that; you as a college graduate will be able to tell your supervisor what you need to do your job well. You’ll also be able to talk with co-workers to make sure you are all working together for the good of the company and its customers. An excellent example would be: if you work in healthcare, it’s vital that you communicate well to your patients. If you are an IT specialist teaching a user how to work with a new software application, your communication skills can make the difference between a satisfied customer and a frustrated and angry one.

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