polynomial functions quadratics algebra homework help

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Please complete the following questions. It is important that you show all work you did to solve the problems when you submit your work. This includes any calculations, diagrams, or graphs that helped you solve it.

  1. OPEN ENDED Give an example of an equation that is not quadratic but can be written in quadratic form. Then write it in quadratic form.
  2. OPEN ENDED Write a set of ordered pairs for functions f and g, given that f ∘ g = {(4, 3), (-1, 9), (-2, 7)}.
  3. Writing in Math Use the information about medication on page 382 to explain how the roots of an equation can be used in pharmacology. Include an explanation of what the roots of this equation represent and an explanation of what the roots of this equation reveal about how often a patient should take this medication.
  4. Writing in Math Refer to the information on page 411 to explain how inverse functions can be used in measurement conversions. Point out why it might be helpful to know the customary units if you are given metric units. Demonstrate how to convert the speed of light c = 3.0 × 108 meters per second to miles per hour.

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