Implement secure backup and recovery processes computer science homework help

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60811_Implement secure backup and recovery processes.

Insider Threat

Learning Objective: Describe the security practices used to control employee behavior and prevent misuse of information.

Assignment Requirements

Review CERT’s Common Sense Guide to Prevention and Detection of Insider Threats.…

Choose one of the 16 best practices listed in the document. Write a summary paper that includes the following:

I chose: PRACTICE 15: Implement secure backup and recovery processes.

  1. Introduce the problem, the insider threat.
  2. Summarize the best practice you selected as if you are describing it to a Human Resource person in your organization.
  3. Conclude with a recommendation of how to implement the best practice in your organization.

Submission Requirements

  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Font: Arial, 12-Point, Double- Space
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Length: 1–2 pages (plus a cover sheet)
  • Proofread and edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation, proper wording, etc

PRACTICE 15: Implement secure backup and recovery processes. (Updated) No organization can completely eliminate its risk of insider attack; risk is inherent in the operation of any profitable enterprise. However, with a goal of organizational resiliency, risks must be acceptable to the stakeholders, and as such, impacts of potential insider attacks must be minimized. Therefore, it is important for organizations to prepare for the possibility of insider attack and minimize response time by implementing secure backup and recovery processes that avoid single points of failure and are tested periodically. This section contains descriptions of recent insider threat cases in which the organization’s lack of attention to incident response and organizational resiliency resulted in serious disruption of service to their customers.

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