UNT Social Science Reflection

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Self-reflection is a significant part of a professional social worker’s growth. It is a basic cornerstone for the development of the professional self, which is the foundation for evolving professional maturation. Necessary “critical analytic skills” include the ability to be self- analytical.

Reflect upon and critique the conduct and learning during this semester in the following areas:

  • Pretend you are your own HR manager. What sort of honest evaluation would you give yourself for your work in this class?  (Could have done a better job at participating in class discussions and turning work in on time.) For example, how have you demonstrated the ability to read carefully and think critically? (I can read carefully and think critically.) Participate meaningfully in online discussions; Give and accept constructive feedback; Respect and encourage the opinions of your peers, and other management behaviors we have covered in class. What Grade would you give yourself? (B-)
  • Where have you grown as a result of this class? (I have grown in knowledge and learning what it takes to be a leader and think critically within social work.)
  • Where do you still experience challenges in terms of becoming a social work manager and leader? (I have the knowledge but lack the hands-on experience.)
  • What is your current desire to continue into social work administration? Where will you find your joy? I would like to help run organizations that provide social services with children. I think I would like to be on the financial side of social work, which includes allocating funds to different initiatives, setting budgets, writing grant proposals, and coordinating fundraising efforts.

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