UNT Personal Theory of Administration Questions

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1. Articulate your personal theory of administration in a brief statement called “My Theory of Administration”.  Which of the theories (or what combination) covered in the materials best fit with your beliefs and approaches to administration and leadership?     https://youtu.be/4AM10-uNabA

2. Here are 4 questions designed to help you speak easily about your passion for nonprofit leadership.  In any job interview, even if for a direct practice position, you may need to answer such queries; In your written post, articulate answers to at least 3 of the questions. Here are the questions:

What makes you excited to be a nonprofit leader?

What motivates you to work in a nonprofit rather than a for-profit organization?

What makes you a good fit for a nonprofit leadership position?

Fill in the blank and explain: “My preferred style of leadership is [BLANK] because [BLANK].”


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