University of Phoenix Criminal Justice Questions

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Counselors need to understand how family members interact and relate to each other. In this assignment you will examine how changes within the family system may affect relationship patterns or impact the family unit.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper analyzing the systemic approach to counseling. Use the following topics as headings in your paper and address each prompt with thorough and logical responses.

Systems Thinking
  • In your own words, define systemic thinking.
  • Describe the value of understanding how families function. How is systems thinking beneficial to a counselor?
  • Explain how systems theory affects the family therapy process.
  • Analyze how systemic approaches to counseling differ from individual approaches.
  • Explain the role of constructivism in family therapy.
Personal Reflection
  • Select and discuss 1 or 2 concepts from your chapter readings that you identify with or see in your own family.
  • What potential concerns do you have in working with families that are similar to your own? How do you plan to manage these concerns?

Note: In your reflection, be sure to avoid divulging sensitive and deeply personal details.

Cite a minimum of 3 scholarly sources.

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