University of Chicago the Effects of Human Resource Management Practices on Employee Performance Paper

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Background of the Problem is an important component of your Doctoral Study as it sets the stage for the proposed study. TheBackground of the Problem provides the reader with an overview of the overarching problem as identified in the scholarly literature. The research topic is broad in nature; do not narrow the focus too quickly. You want to provide the reader, especially those not familiar with the topic, time to become familiar with the topic.

The Background of the Problem can be effectively accomplished in no more than one and one-half pages; brevity and clarity are essential. The Review of the Literature will provide a more detailed discussion on the literature pertaining to the topic/problem. Immersing yourself in the literature on your topic/problem is crucial to uncovering a viable business problem. Do not underestimate the importance of the literature in helping to identify a viable business problem.   

To prepare for this Assignment, review the “Formulating a Doctoral Problem Statement” presentation provided in the week’s Required Readings. Be sure to utilize the Walden Library and Online Writing Center for guidance in identifying scholarly resources and related examples.

Include 5-6 scholarly, peer-reviewed, or government sources to support your findings, and statements. Check with Ulrich’s Periodical Directory Links to an external ensure sources are peer reviewed    

Submit a 1-to 1.5 page draft of your Background of the Problem that demonstrates a comprehensive problem to be studied. The Background of the Problem should be or include the following elements:

An overview of the overarching business problem  

An applied business problem  

Research topic is broad in nature, not too narrowly focused.

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