University College London Social Science Questions

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visit report and analysis : 2,000 words

You are required to visit and observe a site linked to young people’s cultural/artistic expressions and analyse the ways in which the activity, which occurs at the site is an artistic and/or is a creative experience for young people and how it is linked to youth identity. The site should be one that produces/creates/engages in, artistic works or creative cultural activities for/by/with young people.

Your analysis should be informed by between two and four of the references, which you have been given in the course (as posted on LMS) and/or other academic texts which you have independently sourced (i.e., it is up to you to decide which texts to use). Please ensure you include a ‘Works cited’ list of these references at the end of your report.

essay: 2000 words

This task requires you to write a scholarly essay drawing on academic literature. The aim is for you to write a theoretical essay (i.e., based on academic literature) which discusses creative/artistic cultural practices for/by/with about young people. The practices should be linked to those you observed at the site you reported on for the Assignment 1 and 2 and the topic/question area of interest you determined for all three assignments.

Additionally, you are to address one or both of the ‘key questions’ as outlined below.

You are to focus on how an artistic/creative practice(s) is linked to young people – their identity, learning and expression. You are to use evidence from the literature including any of the academic literature given to you in the subject, as well as independently sourced literature. You are to use a minimum of 6 pieces and a maximum of 12 pieces** of literature in your essay.

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