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Just a regular essay answering these questions.

What is the background of the case—people and governments involved, laws in question, dates, prior court decisions?

Who brought the case to the Supreme Court and why?

How is the case an issue of federalism?

What were the majority and minority opinions of the Supreme Court? What was the rationale for the justices’ opinions on the case?

Write your own opinion on the case to support either the majority or minority opinion of the Supreme Court. In your well-written essay, be sure to answer the research questions above and give facts to back up your opinion. This is a formal, informative, and persuasive essay, so be sure to write in the third person (do not use “I think” or “I believe” or similar phrases with “I”).

Cite the sources of your information in MLA Format. Include your sources with your opinion.

No word limit or no page limit. Just needs to answer all those questions in a essay.


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