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Question: Suppose you are interested in how children with severe autism experienced the receipt of special education assistance in public schools. This population is characterized by underdevelopment of social cognition, social skills, and language skills. What is the best method for collecting data to answer your research question? Why is this method best? How would you describe the research design?

My response to question: Based on the fact that the children have severe autism, I would utilize is a qualitative methodology with a case study design. Case studies, in their true essence, explore and investigate contemporary real-life phenomenon through detailed contextual analysis of a limited number of events or conditions, and their relationships, and in this case, the severe autism (Yin & Moore, 1987). My method of sampling would be convenience and I would use questionnaires, and ask open-ended questions (Cresswell, 2009). Case study method has sometimes been criticized for its lack of rigor and the tendency for a researcher to have a biased interpretation of the data (Stake, 1995). Grounds for establishing reliability and generality are also subjected to skepticism when a small sampling is deployed. Often time, case study research is dismissed as useful only as an exploratory tool. Despite these criticisms, researchers continue to deploy the case study method particularly in studies of real-life situations governing
social issues and problems, and in this case, the severe autism.

Professor’s question that I request answer to: Thank you Janet! Your recommendations on the use of a case study design are valid and do align to the characteristics of this study. You mention using questionnaires and asking open ended questions but who will answer these questions? Also, one of the requirements of a case study design is using at least three forms of data in order to triangulate (and validate) the results obtained. Which other methods would you consider in order to build a sound study that evaluates the “receipt” of special education students by these autistic children in public schools? Any ideas/suggestions?


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