UCLA Ethics and Leadership Essay

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To Prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources to better understand ethical and inclusive leadership
  • Review the “Biographies of Leaders” document in this week’s Learning Resources to help you select a leader on which to focus. Note: You must select a different leader than you did for previous assignments in this course.
  • I choose Nelson Mandela
  • Choose a leader who you believe to be ethical, and identify a real-life situation in which they have demonstrated their ethics and/or their commitment to positive social change
  • Consider how a culture of ethical practice may be created and sustained within an organization
  • Consider the relationship between ethical leadership and issues of diversity and inclusion

Post your responses to the following:

  • What is the name of the leader you selected?
  • What happened in the real-life situation you selected?
  • Why do you believe the leader demonstrated good ethics, inclusiveness, and/or a desire for positive social change in the situation?
  • On what criteria have you based your evaluation?
  • What can be learned from this situation and the leader’s behavior?

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