Type II Diabetes

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Using drug handbook, other academic resources and research, identify drug classifications used to treat the condition you chose (Type II Diabetes). Provide a brief explanation of each of these classifications actions. Select one of the drug classifications and address the questions listed below. Which medications in this drug class are commonly ordered and used for this condition? What is the action and therapeutic effect of the drugs? What contraindications do you need to be aware of when considering using the medications to treat a patient? What is the typical route used for the drug administration for the medications? What does a medical assistant need to know about administering the medication? Are there any special instructions regarding administration? What side effects and adverse effects are commonly seen with the medications used in this classification? Are there any likely or common drug to drug interactions that a medical assistant needs to know prior to administering the medication? What patient education would you provide when talking to the patient about medications from this drug class?

Include a reference page in APA style. Includes an introductory paragraph, a body, and a concluding paragraph. print font, size 12. Use a standard document format with 1-inch margins. (Do not use any fancy or cursive fonts.)


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