Topic 1: the application

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Biomimicry is design innovation inspired by nature.  For this thread, you will select an example from this website discuss how biology has inspired design of products.  Be sure to address the following questions:

1. EDIBLE PACKAGING: Bite-sized foods wrapped in edible packaging


  • What is the scientific and common name of the organism in which the design originates?
  • Describe in a paragraph the organism.  Where does it live? What is its life cycle?
  • Describe the adaptation that inspired the design.  What does it do for the organism?
  • Describe the product that was developed based on the adaptation.  Do you find it to be useful? 
  • What other applications can you see from this?
  • NOTE: each link can be chosen once, so please review what your classmates have selected prior to posting your response.  Please write the number of the link you have chosen in the subject line of your initial post.  Use the link provided as a springboard to do additional research on the topic.  You may also select an original topic not on the list if it is approved by your instructor.
  • 250 words APA FORMAT PLEASE

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