The Weaponization of Travel

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  • Weaponization of Travel – HOMEWORK
  • Iceland Overtourism Case Study
    • As we continue our view of Tourism issues around the world, Iceland is the next destination that we will stop at.A chain of seemingly random events have contributed to the rise in the countries tourism stock, and now, just like in Spain, tourism officials are left to determine what to do in an effort to a create a sustainable business model.Now a cornerstone of their economy, the biggest challenge in the coming years will be to find a solution that keeps tourism thriving both for industry and for the community.For this case, you will need to review the attached deep dive into the current tourism landscape in Iceland.
    • After reading the material, from a Destination Management Organization’s perspective, you will need to answer the following question:
    • Will Tourism in Iceland have a soft landing or will it Belly Flop?What is the future of Icelandic Tourism look like?
    • Support your answer with information from the material presented and discuss the DMO’s role in the following:
      • Increasing airfare prices for international visitors
      • Hotel supply and it’s relationship with AirBnB options
      • Affordability of Tourism for visitors once they arrive
      • What strategies could the Tourism Board employ to help change the perception of traveling to Iceland
    • In your conclusion, offer your opinion of the future of Tourism within the destination and identify the critical elements in which the DMO should focus.

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