The deductive argument philosophy homework help

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Can any one  help me with this assignment please. The instructions are provided below: 

Identify an editorial from a national newspaper that contains a deductive argument for a particular conclusion.

Use the site below for your four editorials: 

 Once you have selected a passage that contains a deductive argument, answer the following questions about it, making sure to include a copy of the passage you have selected with your answer. Each question is worth 50 points. Thank you.

1. (TCOs 1 and 2) State the three uses of arguments. Which use does the given selection argument utilize? Define what makes an argument a deductive argument, and explain why the argument in the passage you have chosen is a deductive argument. Define critical reasoning, and explain how this should be used to evaluate the argument in the passage you have selected. (Points : 50)

2(TCOs 1, 2, and 3) Locate the argument in the passage that you have selected. Identify both its explicit premises and its implicit premises. 
(If you believe your selection for Question 1 does not contain both explicit and implicit premises, choose another selection that does, and present it here.)
Does the conclusion follow from the premises? Explain why it does or does not. Is it necessary to add implicit premises to the argument so that the premises will support the conclusion? If so, do so.
 (Points : 50)

3. (TCOs 1, 2, and 3) Define what requirements must be met for an argument to be valid. Define what requirements must be met for an argument to be sound. Is the argument in the passage that you have selected a valid argument? Explain why it is or is not. Assess whether the premises should be accepted or rejected. Then explain whether the argument you’ve chosen is a sound argument or not. Explain the difference between a valid argument and a sound argument. (Points : 50)

4. (TCOs 1, 2, 3, and 4) Define each of the distraction fallacies, the resemblance fallacies, and the emotional fallacies that have been discussed in the course. Analyze the argument that is contained within the passage you have selected to determine if it exhibits any of these fallacies. If it does, explain which of the fallacies it contains. If it does not, state whether you believe that the conclusion that is has been developed to support should be accepted, or not. Explain your answer.
 (Points : 50)

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