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The Abreu article you were asked to read this week presents a list of benefits for an organization in developing a culturally diverse workforce. Select one of the benefits Ms. Abreu identified and summarize your understanding of the benefit and why you believe this benefit is import. Use the recommended articles to support your arguments and views. Be sure to explain your ideas and support your arguments fully. And last, what does do these benefits mean to you as an HRM? What policies might you develop and implement as HRM to ensure your company achieves these benefits?

Reply 1 (Megan)

The day and age of placing a help wanted sign in the window or a small advertisement in the classified ads of the local newspaper and hoping to find the most qualified individual for the job is a thing of the past. Now is the time to move to a more diverse recruiting process in efforts to hire a more diverse workforce. Racially diverse businesses have a competitive advantage in their industry and this can be evident by the increased profits (Tulshyan, 2015).

According to Abreu, diversity makes the process of recruitment easier (2014). Technology has brought about more efficient ways to recruit the most talented individuals for the job. Social media brings together individuals from all over the world, across all backgrounds, and with all levels of experience. Companies no longer have to choose the best bad applicant because they only from a particular local college or local paper. They are now able to use these social media sites to locate a diverse group of individuals all qualified for the job, thus making the recruiting process that much easier.

As a human resource manager this means less man-hours pouring through application packages of unqualified individuals. It means reduced stress brought on by trying to find motivated, talented people to fill positions within the company. It means meeting human resource strategic goals of hiring a diverse workforce in an effort to meet the company’s strategic goal of increased competitive advantage through a diverse workforce.

As a human resource manager, developing a recruitment policy that is in line with HR and Company strategic goals would be imperative. In this policy, it will be mandated that a recruitment notice not be limited to local papers or schools. The refer a friend method of hiring will not be used in place of official advertising. And the selection process put in place must not limit diversity in the recruiting process.


Abreu, K. (2014). The myriad benefits of diversity in the workplace.Entrepreneur. Retrieved from

Tulshyan, R. (2015). Racially diverse companies outperform industry norms by 35%.Forbes.Retrieved from

Visit the website and find their latest “top 50 list.” What criteria are used to evaluate companies that appear on this list? What are the top five companies for the current year? Develop a brief commentary about the site. What do you think about the articles available here?

Reply 2 (Maria)

The criteria used to evaluate these companies are categorized within 5 sections: talent pipeline, talent development, leadership commitment, supplier diversity, and best practices. The reports only focus on the positives of the companies and not any negative information. These companies focus is to showcase their best practices in diversity management. The top 5 companies of the year are: Kaiser Permanente, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp, EY, AT&T, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

I briefly scanned through some of the articles posted for these top companies. The overall goal of these companies to promote a well multicultural environment. I think it is rather inspiring on what these companies are doing to ensure that they are meeting or even surpassing diversity standards (law). I found it interesting how AT&T used a campaigned called “#iCount Self-ID” to have its employees self-identify themselves within different categories such as veterans and LGBT in order to track more accurate statistics of diversity.


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