Texas History Exam Two

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Lesson 08: Secession, the Civil War, and Reconstruction

  • Lesson Overview


    This lesson addresses the reasons for why Texas seceded from the Union, how it participated in the Civil War, and how Texas coped in the aftermath of the war.

    Learning Outcomes

    The student will:

    • evaluate the motivating factors behind Texas joining the Confederacy during the Civil War, explain the extent of Texas’ involvement in the War, and describe the results for Texas.
    • understand the political, economic, and social consequences of the Reconstruction era on the state.

    Check List

    1. Access Key Terms
    2. Read online lesson
    3. Finish reading Chapter Six
    4. Read Chapter Seven
    5. Read Chapter Eight
    6. Take Exam Two

  • Key Terms – Lesson 8.pdf

  • Online Lesson

  • Exam Two


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