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Questionnaire:Min 10 questions and max 15 questions

This research is about the use of Google driverless car technology. I request you to kindly answer all the questions by giving your critical feedback, which will be useful for my research.All the information provided by you will be kept confidential.

Personal information of 30 respondents:


Gender: Male/Female

Occupation: Employed/Student

  • Write chart to 30 respondents there should be:
  • Introduction – explain the graph and the contents.
  • Supporting sentence – Maximum & Minimum.
  • Concluding sentence – The reason for Max & Min.

1-Allclose -ended questions.

2-Graph – chart


4- Analysis( paragraph): structure




Multiple choice

Open ended question

Min 10 questions and max 15 questions

Open ended-1/2 only

Close ended: 9-13

Respondents: 30 people

All questions should be a combination of both as

mentioned below:

1.Qualitative (Quality) questionnaire

2.Quantitative (Quantity) questionnaire

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