Ta-Nehisi Coates “Between the World and Me”, assignment help

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Please read Parts II and III of the Ta-Nehisi Coates book, Between the World and Me. In other words, read everything from pages 75 to 152.

1. Based on your reading of Coates, and your understanding of African Diaspora history from the Haitian Revolution to the post-slavery era, answer the following:

There is systemic (also known as institutional) racism and there is individual racial prejudice.The two things are not the same.

HERE IS THE QUESTION: What is the difference between systemic racism and individual racial prejudice?

When writing your answer, you must provide three examples from the Coates book and three additional examples from course lectures since the mid-term exam that illustrate systemic racism.

2. Basing your answer on historical facts (specific laws, policies, institutions, traditions, and ideas), we have covered in class, and not on anecdote, answer the following:

HERE IS THE QUESTION: Are the problems and obstacles that blacks collectively face problems of their own making?

3. QUESTION: (a) What does Coates mean when he wrote: “They made us into a race. We made ourselves into a people.” and (b) What evidence from class lectures support his claim?


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