SUNY The Importance of Community Work in Singapore Essay

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Textbook = GENERALIST PRACTICE WITH ORGANIZATIONS AND COMMUNITIES, 7th Edition. By Karen K. Kirst-Ashman, Grafton H. Hull Jr. Link:

Question 1 


Provide three (3) reasons, with appropriate examples, to appraise why  

community work is still crucial in Singapore.  



Examine two (2) of Gamble & Weil’s community organising models that are  

relevant to community work in Singapore.  

Question 2 


Discuss how social workers uphold the principles of human rights and social  

justice in their micro, messo and macro practice. Illustrate your discussion with  

a case example that describes the inter-relationship of these three practices.  


Analyse the different advocacy strategies which social workers could use to  

ameliorate adverse environmental conditions.  

Question 3 


Appraise three (3) ethical dilemmas in macro context that social workers in their  

role as manager could face in their practice.  


Analyse how Dolgoff, Loewenberg and Harrington’s Ethical Principle Screen  

could be used for one of the dilemmas stated above.  

Question 4 


Discuss how social media could be an asset to social service organisation having  

limited funds.  


Analyse the ethical issues that could arise when engaging the media to forward  

your organisation’s cause?  

Question 5 


Describe the four (4) systems within the macro environment that social workers  

need to engage when advocating for social change.  


Discuss, each with an example, how sensitivities to ethnicity, gender and  

language is also important when working for social change.

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